Friday, January 20, 2017


The past few years have been strange ones, hard ones, but also good ones in several ways. The past few years, I've been blogging, with varying levels of consistency, and, overall, it was a good experience; the internet opens another facet of life where you can make a complete fool of yourself, and hopefully learn from it, or at least make some friends along the way ("Yes, Algernon, perhaps the real internet was the friends we made along the way.").

This ol' blog was here through withdrawal, therapy, prep and then initiation into the church, my mother's extrication from our house, her brain-tumour diagnosis and surgery last year, and I am truly grateful that nobody sent a sketchy parcel like Percy Weasley's pen-pal; or, in short, I'm just truly grateful for the immense kindness I've been shown in this minute corner of the blogging community.

And, well, I haven't kept up with this space much recently, not as much as I once did. It's been a busy few months; I even leave the house now, about every single day; I live next to the ocean, am on anxiety medication, take voice lessons, and am planning to get a driver's license; at this rate, I might even go to university, or adopt a bunch of elderly cats, or become fluent in Danish and set up Copenhagen's best ever Bananagrams society. Probably not, but, you know, that seemed an efficient way to demonstrate hope for the future.

There are reasons, mental and emotional and spiritual, why it seems prudent to retire from this blog, at least for a while. My parents are finally getting divorced, Rose will graduate with her degree this summer, and as for university, it sounds like my kind of party (sadness, stress, exhaustion, making soup from whatever is in the fridge, incising and draining abscesses with primitive implements, etc), and not this coming year, but the year after, God willing, I'll be at one.

In the meantime, once more unto the breach, dear friends. Keep in touch (email, Facebook, Twitter). Remember, you are loved.

God bless,

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